Services for Families

The first step

Call and discuss your child’s speech language and communication needs. Whether you are certain there is a problem, or whether you need information and reassurance, there is no obligation to use our service.

Initial Phone Consultation is free and information on all fees and services will be given.

Who can we help

If your child is having difficulty in any of the following areas then we can help:

  • Saying single words
  • Joining words into sentences
  • Speaking clearly
  • Having difficulty understanding what is said
  • Speaking fluently
  • Using speech to communicate socially
  • Early literacy and phonic skills

The next step

The next step is to set up an appointment so we can meet you and your child for an initial assessment

We offer Two Options:

  • An initial assessment with discussion of plans and advice, but no written report
  • An initial assessment with a written report

The assessments are usually informal and we will engage your child in fun activities. Occasionally formal tests are used dependant on the child’s age and requirements. The session normally lasts for about an hour.

Following the initial assessment and discussion with yourself the outcomes may be

  • No further sessions required. You have the information you need.
  • One or a small number of review sessions, after an interval of using suggested interventions.
  • An agreed block of therapy sessions with review often these are weekly but can vary depending on requirements.
  • Longer term therapy where specifically required

Follow up sessions can be at your home, at school or in our clinic.

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